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VSE Flowmeter was established in 1999 to provide high-precision flow metering technology for the user's process control applications. VSE flowmeter can be divided into VSE gear flowmeter, VSE turbine flowmeter, VSE flowmeter commonly used in measurement technology, metering technology, hydraulic, monitoring technology, control and regulation, process technology. Widely used in: plastics industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, automobile industry, two-component mixing and other industries. The main products: flow meters, digital instrumentation

VSE flowmeter features:
◆ The principle of gear meshing design of the volume flowmeter
◆ double detection multiplier method to improve the resolution, and can distinguish between the flow
◆ Under high pressure can be precision metering
◆ probe does not touch the fluid, the detection system is easy to connect the secondary instrument
◆ shell and gear using the same material, the temperature change will not affect the measurement accuracy
◆ Flowmeter output signal for the duplex, easy to other electronic equipment, SPS control or computer processing
◆ pressure loss than similar products low (patented design) range, reliability, and wide application
◆ German precision design and mechanical processing

VSE flowmeter type and model:
VSE Gear Flowmeter-VS Series:

Volume and flow measurement; precise ingredients, mixing; mixture of ingredients proportional control system monitoring; process control; open-loop control; continuous quantitative control. The main types of cast iron and stainless steel, flow range 0.002-525L / min; measurement accuracy ± 0.3% R (> 21cSt); pressure 315bar, up to 700bar.
VSE Gear Flowmeter-VS Series Model:
VSE Gear Flowmeter VS 0.02
VSE VS 0.04 gear flowmeter

VS 0.1, VS 0.2, VS 0.4, VS 1, VS 2, VS 4, VS 10 gear flowmeters



Gear Flowmeter-EF Series:
Economic type. Metering at the same time, so you lower the cost! Used for: oil, grease, printing ink measurement. The main types of pipe thread connection and plate installation; Flow range 0.05-150L / min; Accuracy ± 2% R (> 21cSt); Pressure 200bar.
VSE Gear Flowmeter-EF Series Model:
VSE Gear Flowmeter EF 0.04, EF 0.1, EF 0.4, EF 2, EF 4

Gear Flowmeter-VHM Series:
More suitable for non-lubricating medium, the need for frequent cleaning and replacement of media occasions, optional optical transmission for paint, dyes, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, two-component mixer, petrochemical and other extreme dangerous occasions! The main type is stainless steel; Flow range 0.01-30L / min; Accuracy ± 0.5% R (> 10cSt); Pressure 250bar.
Gear Flowmeter-EF Series Model:
VHM 01-2, VHM 02-1, VHM 02-2 Gear Flowmeters

Gear Flowmeter VHM 02-3, VHM 03-2



Flowmeter-RS Series:
Screw-based flowmeter flowmeters for process control, hydraulic systems, high viscosity, pastes, abrasives and sealants. Main types are gray cast iron, stainless steel, flow range: 0.5 to 2,500 L / min; : ± 0.5% (1%)> 21 CST Viscosity measurement with a withstand voltage of up to 450 bar.
Flowmeter – RS Series Model:
flow meters RS 100, RS 400, RS 800, RS 2500

Turbine Flowmeter – VTR Series:
More suitable for low viscosity fluid flow measurement and monitoring! It can be used in harsh environment, such as: water-based liquid, water, petroleum, petrochemical, all stainless steel, measuring range from 110 l / h to 7500 m 3 / h, 10 ~ 50mm, ~ 500mm.
turbine flowmeter
VSE turbine flow meter VTR 1015-S, VTR 1015, VTR 1020, VTR 1025, VTR 1040, VTR 1050, VTR 1075
A VSE VTR 1100, a VTR 1150, a VTR 1200, a VTR 1250, a VTR 1300, a VTR 1400 turbine flow meter



VSE Digital Instrumentation:

۱, used in dual-channel detection flowmeter (VS, VHM series)
PAXI flow / totalizer: with two single / dual channel flow sensor
MF1 flow display: with single / dual channel flow sensor
۴۰۴ flow / accumulator / dosing controller: with single / dual channel flow sensor
VFM320 multifunction monitor: with dynamic process measurement and closed-loop control
DIGFU 1 frequency / analog signal converter: with single / dual-channel flow sensor
PGW-1 frequency / peak converter: with single / dual-channel flow sensor to convert the flow output signal to other voltage values
GEL103 accumulator / dosing controller: with single / dual channel flow sensor

۲,  for single-channel detection flowmeter (VHM, EF series
 405S flow / totalizer: with two single-channel flow sensor


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