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USB DAQ محصولات


ارسال شده توسط پشتیبانی

USB-4626  دارای 8AI,16bit 400k و اتصال به نرم افزار لب ویو LABVIEWاست کارت  DAQ مناسب پروژه داده برداری DATA ACQUISITION از سنسور ، دیتالاگر و کنترل در حوزه ابزار دقیق و اتوماسیون صنعتی می باشد. جهت واردات و قیمت خرید ….

 کاربردی اصلی آن عبارتند از:

◆ تست کیفیت محصول الکترونیکی، آزمایشگاه و یا مرکز آزمون

◆ ولتاژ، تشخیص سیگنال سوئیچ، و غیره

◆ قرائت از سنسور

◆ نظارت بر خطوط قدرت ، سیستم های حفاظت

◆ داده برداری از سیگنال های صوتی.


High-speed synchronous data acquisition card

۸ chanel

۱۶ Bit

AD ± ۱۰V 400K

Sampling Rate  5PWM 14DIO 

USB-4626 high-speed synchronous data acquisition card, high-performance ARM + high-speed USB chip + high-speed synchronous AD designed specifically for signal synchronization and phase requirements of higher power, industrial field testing, sensor data acquisition and other industries High-performance capture card.

USB2.0 high-speed mode, plug and play, no external power supply, easy to use;

High-quality terminal blocks

main feature:

۱٫ ۸-channel 16-bit high-speed synchronous AD, the voltage detection range: -5V ~ +5 V, -10V ~ +10 V, can be set in the software

۲٫ Real-time data collection, real-time high-speed acquisition, real-time drawing curve, real-time data storage; real-time data acquisition,

۳٫ Single-channel sampling rate setting range: 1-50KHz, such as the sampling rate is set to 10K, then 8 channels per second real-time acquisition per second, real-time display, and real-time storage of 10,000 data;

۴٫ Data preservation function, the data is saved as EXCEL document voluntarily, facilitates Matlab and so on the tool and the software carries on the data analysis and the processing; The data point and the point time absolute, does not lose the number, the storage process does not affect the sampling rate;

 5. Provide EXE program and Labview complete source code;

 6. Provide DLL files, API functions, USB data format analysis and other instructions to facilitate the development of other PC language;

 7. Applicable operating systems: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, Win7, WIN8, WIN10, support 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

Section 1, Product Applications

USB-4626 is a USB bus-based high-speed high-precision synchronous data acquisition card (can retain the phase information), can be directly plugged into the computer’s USB interface, constitute scientific research, product quality testing, sensor measurement and other fields of data acquisition, waveform Analysis and processing systems, but also constitute the instrumentation and control systems, power system testing, industrial field testing and production process monitoring systems.

Section 2 , AD analog input function :

◆ AD type: bipolar

◆ conversion accuracy: 16-bit (Bit)

◆ Voltage input range (InputRange): – 5 ~ +5 V, -10 ~ +10 V, can be set by software

◆ voltage channels: 8 single-ended

◆ Input impedance: 1M ohms

◆ Maximum pressure: ± ۱۶٫۵V

◆ real-time sampling rate: 8-channel 400kHz real sampling rate, 50K per second real-time sampling per channel, real-time graphs, and real-time data

◆ Sampling rate setting range: 8 channels per channel 1-50KHz free to set

◆ Phase compensation: 9 °


Section 3 , DA analog output function

◆ Number of channels: 2 channels

◆ conversion accuracy: 12 (Bit)

◆ Output voltage range (OutputRange): 0-3.3V


Section 4 , DI digital input function

◆ Number of channels: 6 channels (Default: 6 channels DI, can be set to 14 channels by software)

◆ Electrical standard: TTL compatible

◆ The maximum absorption current: 20mA

◆ High voltage: + 5V or + 3.3V

◆ the highest low voltage: 0.8V

◆ Default input: Low level


Section 5 , DO digital output function

◆ Number of channels: 8 channels (default: 8 channels DO, can be set to 14 channels by software)

◆ Electrical standard: TTL compatible

◆ High: + 5V

◆ Low level: <0.5V

◆ Default output: low level


Section 6 , PWM Functions

◆ Channels: 5 independent PWM, frequency and duty cycle are adjustable

◆ Clock source (CLK): 72MHz, by dividing the coefficient to obtain the reference clock

◆ Pulse generator output (OUT): pulse mode and duty cycle to set the waveform mode

◆ PWM level: high level 3.3V, low level 0V


Section 7 , pulse frequency, duty cycle, count measurement

◆ Frequency, duty cycle measurement: 2-way

◆ Frequency measurement range: 1Hz ~ 60KHz

◆ Frequency measurement accuracy: <1%

◆ Duty cycle measurement accuracy: <1%

◆ Electrical standard: TTL compatible

◆ Measurement pulse level range: high level is 3.3V or 5V, can not exceed 5V, low level is 0V

◆ pulse count measurement: 1 Road

◆ pulse count measurement accuracy: <1%


Section 8 , fixed voltage output interface

◆ Number of channels: 1

◆ Voltage: 2.5V (precision voltage reference)


Section 9 , Other Key Indicators

◆ acquisition card master controller frequency: 72MHz

◆ Terminal pressure: 30V, 8A

◆ Over-current protection: Yes


Section 10 , Board Dimensions

◆ Shell size: 75mm (length) * 64mm (width) * 22mm (high) (this size does not contain the terminal)

Section 11 , Shipping List

◆ USB-DAQ data acquisition card 1 block

◆ high-quality USB data cable with a magnetic ring

◆ USB drivers and routines and other data packets (to provide network disk download address or sent by mail)


Collecting card physical map


PC-side procedures (EXE program and provide complete source code Labview, PC development information, etc.)


Save the eight signal value (file name for the system time, the figure is generated by the signal generator 1KHz sine wave data)


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