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brand introduction

Germany JUMO is one of the largest manufacturers of sensors in Europe, mainly the production of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and related control transmitter, the main products are electrochemical water quality analysis instruments (ph value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, (Pressure transmitter, intelligent pressure, differential pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, into the liquid level instrument), the temperature switch and the pressure regulator, pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, Temperature and humidity sensors, thin film platinum resistance elements (pt 100, pt 500, pt 1000 or other customer defined resistance of the film (temperature, humidity, temperature, humidity, temperature, humidity, Platinum resistance element) and so on. JUMO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial sensors and automation technology. JUMO's innovative range of products includes temperature, pressure, flow, level and humidity measurement and control, as well as water quality analysis and measurement equipment, from a single sensor to provide customers with comprehensive automation solutions.

mains product

Jumo thermocouple, Jumo temperature switch, Jumo temperature transmitter, Jumo water quality analyzer, Jumo pressure switch, pressure transmitter, level gauge, melt transmitter, pressure controller, liquid level controller, flow controller , Humidity controller, humidity sensor, paperless recorder, pen recorder, power unit and so on

Examples of models

۴۰۱۰۰۵ / ۰۰۰-۴۶۷-۴۰۵-۲۰-۶۱
Thermometer Nr: 00337078
pressure transmitter Nr: 43007834 404366/000 0-400bar
pressure transmitter Nr: 43009588 404366/000 0-16bar
temperature sensor Nr: 00337677
temperature sensor Nr: 00337677
temperature switch Nr: 85002576
pressure transmitter Nr: 43007834 404366/000 0-400bar
pressure sensor 401001 / 000-459-405-502-20-601-61 / 000
temperature sensor ID-NR: 003666663
Differential Pressure Transmitter typ: 404304
Temperature Switch Typ: 602031 60003292
thermometer 608201 / 1010-826-00-0-913-8-104-26-26-130 / 430
modules TYA-110/3, 150, 400, TR

Product Image

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