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Load cell transmitter / 485 weighing module / MODBUS weighing module communication platform crane tower crane
Product Features
Wide voltage power supply (7-40V)
۱/۲/۴/۸ Weighing data acquisition
Support RS485 communication isolation
Supports the standard Modbus-RTU protocol
Hardware supports up to 255 device addresses
Power isolation
Supports 2-point calibration
۲۴-bit high-resolution AD
Supports quadratic curve fitting for correcting sensor non-linearity
۰٫۰۰۰۳% of full scale non-linearity
Filter width and sampling period can be set
Common failure analysis:
۱٫ Turn on the power indicator light but the host computer software can not connect the module:
Encountered the general inspection of the following key points:
۴۸۵ communication A, B line connection is correct
Serial port baud rate, stop bits, parity and other parameters are correct
The DIP switch address of the device is the same as that of the PC software
۴۸۵ cable length is not shielded
۲٫AD word is fixed to a large number, the value does not change with the sensor
Sensor connection error
The sensor has been damaged
۳٫AD word fluctuations can not be calibrated, measurement
Module supply voltage is low, or ripple large
Defective sensor wiring
Sensor cable length, without shielded wire


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