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wind speed transmitter

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فرستنده سرعت باد / wind speed transmitter
wind speed transmitter
Wind speed transmitter, high-temperature corrosion resistant material for the shell, the transmitter based on the principle of heat dissipation, the required minimum amount of air, even in harsh environments, the same stable and reliable performance, compared to conventional fan type wind sensor available more good reproducibility and low pressure section more quickly and accurately measure the small amount of wind and accuracy, wide turndown ratio, by the microcontroller to detect data on the full range of precise calibration, excellent long-term stability, making it more cost effective, easier to use. Additionally, this series transmitters can withstand high wind speeds greater instantaneous, you need to install directional.
Technical Parameters:
Media: air, nitrogen
Working temperature: -10 ~ 60C, 14 ° F ~ 140 ° F
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 80C, -40 ° F ~ 176 ° F
Position sensitivity: less than resolution
Reaction time: 40mS
Allow overpressure: 1bar (14.5 PSI)
Transient overvoltage capacity: 2bar (29PSI)
Weight: 120g
Protection level: IP20
Material: glass (silicon nitride, silicon oxide), silicon, PPS, PEEK, FR4, silicon as a static seal
Electromagnetic compatibility:
EN 61000-4-2: air discharge (ESD) ± 2kv
EN 61000-4-3: high frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF) 3V / M
EN 61000-4-4: fast transient (shock) ± 4kv
Accuracy: 0.2-0.3% FS
Power supply voltage: 13-26V
Repeatability: 0.3-0.5% m.v
Deviation Stability: ± 0.1m / s / year
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