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کارت vibrating wire

Vibrating wire sensor measuring instrument WIN312 reading meter reading module with 1.8-inch color screen
First, the product profile
VWRO1 vibrating wire sensor measurement module for a variety of vibrating wire sensors at home and abroad. Measurement accuracy, low power consumption. Can be easily embedded into the measurement of civil engineering sensor devices.
Excitation mode: high-voltage pulse, low-voltage sweep, gradient low-pressure sweep
High-voltage pulse: read speed is high, send a high-voltage pulse can make any frequency vibration of the vibrating wire sensor. The disadvantage is that too high voltage may lead to the rapid aging sensor, shortening the sensor life, the other in this way the sensor oscillation time is short, to a certain extent, affect the sensor frequency of the reading accuracy.
Low-voltage sweep: from low to high successive to the sensor. Send a square wave of different frequencies, when the square wave and the natural frequency of the sensor close, the sensor self-vibration, resulting in the current vibration frequency of the sensor. The disadvantage is sweeping takes a long time.
High-voltage pulse voltage: 0 ~ 120V can be configured
Output interface: RS232, RS485
Communication protocol: MODBUS, AABB simple protocol (see the user manual)
Multi-parameter measurement: sensor frequency, frequency mode, input voltage detection, sensor resistance measurement, temperature detection
Measurement mode: automatic continuous measurement or single trigger button
Measurement resolution: 0.1Hz
Measurement speed: high-voltage pulse 0.5 to 1 second; low-frequency sweep 0.5 to 3 seconds.
Dimensions: 35 * 60mm
Other: optional color screen, modify the boot LOGO (add shell and battery that is a complete color screen reader).


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