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مبدل HART به RS485

HART converter HART to RS485 HART to MODBUS protocol converter (SM100-B)
SM100 series of HART smart converter is the use of ARM microprocessor, HART protocol modulation and demodulation chip and a large number of practical experience developed by the product. In accordance with industrial product design requirements, with high reliability and stability. Smart converter with a standard RS232 interface and RS485 interface, with the HART protocol smart meter for data transmission or use MODBUS_RTU protocol to read data to ensure data for real-time transmission. The HART protocol uses the Bell202 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) standard to superimpose a modulated digital signal on a 4-20mA basis, allowing the HART protocol meter to allow bi-directional data communication without interfering with 4-20mA analog signals. SM100 series of intelligent converter is the digital signal and analog signals for two-way modulation and demodulation of the smart converter.
First, product characteristics
۱٫ With the standard RS232 and RS485 communication interface, you can parameter configuration, change the communication baud rate and parity bit, and the HART bus on the 1200 communication speed has nothing to do, thus improving the overall system speed.
۲٫ The use of industrial common module shell, easy to install and debug.
۳٫ With a special configuration software, through the SM100 series intelligent converter, intelligent instruments and HART protocol for data communication, and intelligent converter parameter configuration
۴٫ Support the standard MODBUS_RTU protocol.
۵٫ Support the simultaneous connection of multiple HART protocol smart meters.
۶٫ Support a variety of special HART protocol smart meters, and can be customized to read HART instrument special HART protocol instructions.
Second, SM100 series of technical parameters
۱٫ Power: DC12-24V: power supply ripple shall not be greater than 200mV, the current required to provide 100mA.
۲٫ Physical size: length 100mm * width 70mm * high 26mm.
۳٫ Working temperature: -20 ℃ – ۸۰ ℃.
۴٫ Relative humidity: 10% – 80%.



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