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ماژول MS100


     Brief description: The use of this module and parameters and I shop another weighing module MS100 is basically similar to the following briefly enumerate the difference between the two modules. Other exactly the same.

     1. The module is a miniature version of small size, the module PCB diameter of 25mm (ie, the standard 1 yuan coin size, consider the installation size of the customer can directly refer to coins);

     2. There is no physical DIP switch used to select the communication address, only through the software configuration;

     4. The 485 communication part of this module is not isolated from the power supply;

     5. Due to the small area of the part of the anti-interference caused by the loss of components, the actual test of the integrated precision is slightly worse, about 6000 ~ 8000, (Note: here is our measured stability accuracy, not theoretical or optimal Conditions under the performance value);

     6. In addition to the above, other such as: baud rate, communication parameters, register addresses, register functions, etc. are identical.

Operating parameters:

     Power supply voltage: 10-26VDC (Recommended range: 12V)

     Power consumption: <0.2W (12V power supply, only when a sensor)

     Resolution: 24 bits

     Sensor excitation voltage: 5V (because it is a digital acquisition module, it is also applicable to the general 9V ~ 12V excitation signal bridge sensor)

Built-in signal gain: 128 times

Sampling rate: 12Hz / 50Hz

Input signal: ± ۱۱mV

Linearity: 0.001%

Absolute resolution: 0 ~ 16777215

Power indicator: Yes

Communication indicator: Yes

Sensor type: Huygens bridge (most of the tension, pressure, pressure and other sensors are of this type)

Communication parameters:

Communication interface: RS485

Default communication parameters: 9600, n, 8,1

    Support baud rate: 2400,4800,9600,19200,38400

Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU protocol

This module has the following advantages:

۱٫۲۴-bit AD ultra-high resolution, measurement accuracy far more than the above program, the general analog acquisition card also 10-bit, better performance of the 12-bit, 16-bit.

۲٫ Close signal acquisition, directly converted to digital. The module can be placed directly next to the sensor.

۳٫۴۸۵ bus Modbus protocol, there is no long-distance transmission of the signal loss.

۴٫ Up to 1200 meters of reliable communication distance.

۵٫ Standard Edition Up to 32 reliable devices cascade, multi-station cascade cascade up to 128 or 255 devices.

۶٫ Comprehensive costs and maintenance costs are lower than the previous variety of measurement programs. 

Module measured 10kG sensor stability value jitter value of less than 2g.


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