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MB3 handheld signal source 4-20mA signal generator 24V current voltage and frequency signal generator

MB3 multimeter companion is a battery-powered or external AC / DC power adapter power supply hand-held high-precision signal source can be used to output a variety of industrial signals. Refer to the following table: “Summary of Output Functions”

In addition to the features in Table 1, the MMB has the following features and functions:

Automatic power switch: can be connected through the external AC / DC power adapter to work continuously, no external power supply, the use of battery-powered (4 1.5V AA batteries)

Battery power detection: real-time monitoring of battery power and prompt the user the current power

Save frequently used output: can store and read up to 64 groups commonly used output

Multi-information LCD display: contains the output value, signal type, power supply information, memory information and other prompt content; upper and lower double-row display to facilitate the set and call the commonly used output value

Combination keys: not only through the number keys to type the output value, you can also use the arrow keys to achieve a convenient output value adjustment

PC Suite synchronization software ※: easy to achieve the instrument calibration, set and output and other functions


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