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Product Features

> Can simultaneously measure dissolved oxygen and temperature two parameters;

> IP68 cable waterproof, directly into the water, the factory standard 2 meters,

> No need to connect a large display instrument, you can output 485 (digital signal) or 4-20ma (analog signal) or 0-5V (analog signal) or

    0-3.3V (analog signal) to facilitate the development, the user can choose the transmitter mode or electrode integration integration;

> Technology is mature, the price advantage, is the Internet of things, agricultural automation, fish ponds breeding ideal;

> Provide communication test software, provide communication protocol (select 485 digital signal output);

Supply> Supply voltage is standard 24VDC;

【Name】 BHZY digital dissolved oxygen sensor

【Measuring range】 ۰ ~ ۲۰٫۰۰ mg / L, automatic range switching; 0 ~ 60 ℃

【Resolution】 ۰٫۰ ۱mg / L, 0.1 ℃

【Accuracy】 ۱mg / L: ± ۰٫۵% FS, ± ۰٫۳ ℃

【Automatic temperature compensation】 ۰ ~ ۶۰ ℃

【Communication Interface】 ۴۸۵ communication interface, the standard MODBU communication protocol.

[Isolated output signal] Optocoupler isolation protection 4 ~ 20mA signal output.

【Working conditions】 Ambient temperature is 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ ۹۰%

【Output Load】 Load <300Ω (۴-۲۰mA)

【Operating voltage】 DC 12V-30V (wide range of voltage input)

【Temperature range】 ۰ ~ ۷۰ ℃

[Dissolved oxygen response time] 30 seconds up to 95% (25 ℃)

【Dissolved oxygen range】 ۰ ~ ۲۰mg / L

【Temperature compensation】 Pt100, Pt1000, 10K and so on

【Features】 ۳۱۶L stainless steel shell

【Installation】 ۳/۴ pipe thread installation

[Application] breeding, wastewater, sewage water treatment areas;


US original film head, designed for boiler feed water and condensed water and other ppm level dissolved oxygen measurement design, the use of environmentally friendly sewage up.

Three-electrode system, better performance In addition to the traditional platinum cathode, silver anode, there is a silver reference electrode, greatly improving the signal stability and accuracy of zero stability.

Long-term use of residual current drift is very small, in line with ppb level measurement response speed, built-in self-consumption electrode, self-consumption of electrolyte in the residual oxygen


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