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Connection Technology Center, Inc. – CTC – offers the widest variety of high quality accelerometers, vibration sensors, cables and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. This industry leading product portfolio is supported by an unconditional lifetime warranty on all CTC accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware products

CTC is committed to offering the most reliable accelerometers, vibration monitoring and machinery protection equipment in the industry. We are proud to stand behind this commitment with the best warranty in the business.


Standard Size Accelerometers 100 mV/g

AC116AC116 AC104-M12AAC104-M12A AC104AC104 AC102AC102-M12A AC102AC102
AC211AC211 AC210AC210 AC184AC184 AC154AC154 AC150AC150
AC146AC146 AC216AC216
    AC166AC166 AC165AC165 AC162AC162


۱۰۰ mV/g – Compact Size Standard MIL Connector

AC294AC294 AC292AC292 AC198AC198 AC194AC194 AC192AC192


Small Accelerometers 100 mV/g

AC244AC244 AC140AC140 AC240AC240


Low Frequency High Sensitivity Accelerometers

AC134AC134 AC133AC133
AC204AC204 AC203AC203 AC136-M12AAC136-M12A AC136AC136
AC215AC215 AC214AC214 AC213AC213 AC212AC212

Multi Purpose Accelerometers 50 mV/g

AC118AC118 AC117AC117

High G Accelerometers 10 mV/g

AC220AC220 AC131AC131

Biaxial / Triaxial Accelerometers

AC132AC132 AC119-M12DAC119-M12D AC119AC119 AC115-M12DAC115-M12D AC115AC115
AC365AC365 AC360AC360 AC232AC232 AC230AC230 AC155AC155

Dual Output – Acceleration and Temperature

TA184TA184 TA104TA104 TA172TA172 TA102TA102
TA118TA118 TA117TA117
TA135TA135 TA134TA134 TA133TA133 TA131TA131
TA324TA324 TA322TA322 TA314TA314

High Temperature Accelerometers 150°C 300°F

AC188AC188 AC208AC208

Low Power Accelerometers

AC324AC324 AC322AC322 AC314AC314 AC312AC312

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