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modbus Bacnet



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BACnet BAC Modbus Converter

BAC-MODBUS simple instructions

۱ function description

BAC-MODBUS A gateway device that connects a MODBUS 485 device to a Bacnet MS / TP system.

BAC-MODBUS maps MODBUS device data up to 1000 AVs (analog), 1000 BVs (digital) for Bacnet data. BAC-MODBUS is equivalent to a DDC controller connected to the MS / TP network, any device of the Bacnet system can freely access the BAC-MODBUS device, which makes the MODUBS device be easily integrated into the BACnet system. The system uses an optical coupler Isolated communication interface technology, the two separate communication system completely isolated operation, the protection of equipment.

Equipment Features: modbus and BACnet two ports are optoelectronic isolation.

Interface Description

POWER IN Power Interface: AC24 (Note: regardless of positive and negative) or DC24 (DC), plus or minus 20% error, 10VA.

BACnet MS / TP / MODBUS RS485: Communication Interface.

POWER indicator: Always on.

STATUS indicator: 2 seconds flashing, CPU running status is normal.

BACnet TX / RX indicator: Data exchange blinks on the MS / TP bus.

MODBUS TX / RX indicator: Each MODBUS send data flashes once, pay attention if there is no configuration or configuration error, the light does not shine.

MS / TP address settings: DIP switches 1-7, 7 is low, 1 is high.

For example, 1 ~ 6-OFF 7-ON: Address 1.

۲ communication parameters:

Communication configuration window is mainly on the parity bit, data bits, stop bits to be set. As shown in Figure 1:

The information that can be set is as follows:

protocol: RTU / ASCII

Stop bit: 1 bit / 2 bit

Parity: No parity / Odd parity / Odd parity

baud rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400

query waiting time: the default is generally set to 30ms It is recommended in less cases from the device, the time set longer

۳ specific configuration software configuration instructions (electronic file).

modbus Bacnet

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