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  Autonics Established in 1977, Autonics Corporation is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sensors, controllers, and measuring instruments in
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Honeywell Honeywell UOP earned a record 671 patents for new inventions globally during 2015, bolstering its position as the leading
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OMEGA Since its inception in 1962, OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to an established
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HBM HBM has 29 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide and is exclusively represented in another 60 countries. In addition to headquarters in Darmstadt
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Advantech Advantech defines its Brand Mission as "Enabling an Intelligent Planet", to empower innovative technologies and solutions. Founded in 1983,
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NI شرکت NI معروفترین شرکت تولید کننده کارت داده برداری DAQ  است. لیست زیر برخی از محصولات شرکت NI است
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HACH LANGE OUR MISSION Ensure water quality for people around the world.​ OUR VISION We make water analysis better—faster, simpler,
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ROSMOUNT / EMERSON Emerson was founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri, as a manufacturer of electric motors and fans.
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SUPCON About – SUPCON Founded in March 1993, SUPCON is one of China's leading providers of automation and information technology,
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